Tuesday, May 11, 2010

GCNP river boundary 24: tweaking toward a map

My goal of producing an up-to-date set of maps for the western Canyon with correct labels and boundary lines has been guided by the constraint of available wall space, finally settled on at 7' high by 10' wide. Running from mile 164.5 (Tuckup Canyon) on down just past the Grand Wash Cliffs the set is 9 topos wide by 5 high, meaning a reduction from the published size of about 30%. This also fit in with the limits on affordable reproduction, but only if each map was cut in half.
 The steps to reachable maps were to select a test map, use PSE8 to set the orientation to north-south using Correct Camera Distortion, then crop at the midway point (overlap o.k., a gap not). Saving each half as a JPEG file reduced the map to a practical size (160 MB to 20). Each printed half is 14" x 8-3/4". The result for Columbine Falls was satisfactory. Oddly, one half is 1/32" longer than the other. 
  Fifteen maps remain to tweak for printing.

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