Havasupai and Their Land
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These posts tell in chronological order how the Havasupai lost most of their territory, 
 and their long struggle--and success--to repatriate some of that land.

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 My Context for the Havasupai Land Story
    Sets the Havasupai story in its context of who owns what in the Grand Canyon
    An outline of an earlier book attempt that I used for a first take on the Havasupai story
 The Havasupai Before the Reservation
    Goes back into the Canyon's archeo-history, and the stories from the pre-whitefolk peoples
    Presents information and speculation specifically on Havasupai origins, 
    up into the appearance of whitefolk in the 1870's
 Establishing a Reservation
    Compares how the Hualapai Reservation was established contemporaneously with, 
    but mysteriously differently from, the Havasupai's
    The events of 1880-1 setting the boundaries that lasted over 90 years
    The Southern Paiute had a method for dealing with problems confronting them;
    did the Havasupai try it?
The Long Stranglehold
    Between 1881 and 1919, the error was recognized, but a solution put aside
    The conflicts and difficulties of Havasupai relations with Grand Canyon N.P.
    The Havasupai push harder; the federal government sets itself in more firmly
Congress Decides
    Even as the agencies want more, the Havasupai enlist high-powered support
    As told from the Havasupai side, how they won
The battle; a story told based on other materials
   From materials I collected and recorded at the time, another perspective
The Havasupai attack 
    Introduction and first salvos

   The language of Public Law 93-620, and the Conference report elaborating on it
    My section-by-section analysis of what the Havasupai won
What the House and Congress actually did
  How Beaver Falls fell out of the Park
More on Beaver Falls
  Another bit of evidence on what Congress enacted
Legal documentation on public right to visit Beaver Falls from the river 
  Maps and law on the Park boundary as set in the 1975 Act                                The Secretarial Havasupai Land Use Plan
Introduction to the making of the Plan
  Finished and unfinished business
Sketching how the Plan got done
  We were on the outside, but tried to make a few points stick
An analysis of the Land Use Plan, and some questions
   A Plan of the past, of the future. Is it time to ask?
A look into some of the relevant Havasupai studies
   And a good-bye to the 1975 Act's aftermath

    Representative, later Senator, Carl Hayden of Arizona was a prime mover 
    in Havasupai land history
Could whitefolk have been Havasupai saviors?
   A speculation on a Southwest where whitefolk never conquered
    Some thoughts about why it took almost a century for Havasupai land repatriation