Monday, March 17, 2014

Pl93-620 U2b. May-Jul 1074: On to the Interior Committee; Summer Heat

The Narrative, May

The story picks up from a low point for us, as we searched around for ways to counter the gains made by the Havasupai forces led by Sparks. 
Pontius let me know, 10 May, that Seiberling had talked with Udall and given him our map showing the nearby private land and ranch. Seiberling had argued the Havasupai position was just too much of a giveaway of National Park land. Pontius did worry that a shift in position could lead to Udall and Steiger taking differing positions. To help clarify the issue,  Mo had volunteered to fly over the area with McComb and Sparks on the 26th, though the latter had been clear that he was not in favor of considering private land for the Havasupai.