Wednesday, July 14, 2010

GCNP Boundary: The Segments of The Line

Following passage of the Park Act of 1975, the NPS, FS, and BLM conducted a Congress-mandated study to look at the Park-worthiness of some North Side lands that we wanted, but the law had not put, in the Park, namely Kanab, Whitmore, & Parashant-Andrus Canyons and the Shivwits Plateau. The "Adjacent Lands Study", final report in Nov 1981, contains much information in support of a more complete Park (though its unsurprising conclusion was that administration should not change). The Land Ownership map in that report, figure 3 on page 12, seems particularly useful for presenting the boundary segments for discussion. Here is the somewhat amended, clean, base map:

Amended in that I added the names for Hualapai, Havasupai, and Navajo lands. The last had been ignored, so it shows as white instead of patterned. Glen Canyon NRA had also been left off (and the boundary is wrong, though it is correct on the 1974 official map, in my last entry). The shadowy line down the middle is an artifact of the Canyon's shape; most good Canyon maps are of a size that requires splitting, scanning, and then re-joining them, and I am still practising at making the join invisible.

Here is that map with the segments A through P located, followed by a list of short identifications of each segment, my agenda for this project:

A The start, at the junction with the Paria River. Along with a comment on the river 
B On the east side of the river, boundary based on 1934 Navajo Boundary Act
C East side of river, then south of Little Colorado; adjoining Navajo lands
D South boundary; adjoining Kaibab National Forest Tusayan District
E Havasupai segment, including a comment on the Havasupai Use Lands
F Hualapai segment
G The turkey beak (or wattle?), on the south side of the river
H Snap Point; LMNRA and BLM lands adjoining
I Sanup Plateau; lands formerly in, and still bordered by, LMNRA; the Shivwits
J Andrus-Parashant-Whitmore area, adjacent to LMNRA
K Boundary of the old second GCNMonument 
L Division of Kanab Canyon; bordered by Kanab Creek Wilderness in Kaibab NF
M Tapeats Rim, adjoining Kaibab NF
N North Kaibab divider, adjoining Kaibab NF
O Marble Gorge, adjoining Kaibab NF
P Marble Gorge, adjoining BLM public lands

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