Monday, May 30, 2011

Does It All Make Sense?

                 GCNP Boundary: Differing visions, evolving story.
                        A schematic attempt to pull it all together

I. Fixation on the Powell-Harrison Big Hole, from the 1880's 
    A. Vision:  "The Most Spectacular … ", to 1919
1. Right Religion, Wrong  Church, 1882-93
2. Recognition, 1890's
3. T.R., almost a hero, 1902-8
4. The Park, To Everybody's Profit, 1910's

    B. Filling Out, the 1920's
    C. To Cut or not, 1940's

II. Westward Investigations, from the 1920's  
    A. Toroweap's Big Drop; Lava Flows. Late 1920's - 1940
    B.  Part of Grand Canyon: Very Worthy; BUT.  Mid-30's - 1953 
or, Let's Control Lake Mead & Bridge

III. NPS' Fragmented Vision
    A. Tidying Up, 1945-64
    B. Lake Mead, N.R.A., 1950's-64
    C. A Collection of Problems, 1965-74

IV.  New Vision: The Entire Grand Canyon
    A. Not So New; ASHPS, 1910
    B. Lee's Ferry to the Grand Wash Cliffs, Sierra Club, 1963
    or, Lessons of the 1950's
    C. Back to 1910, the Bills of 1966
    D. Contra-dams
1. Remembering Marble
         a. Compensation, 1940's
         b. Damsite to National Monument, 1960's-69
2. Locking Out the Monster: 1964-72
    E. Down by the Riverside
1. The Hualapai, 1881, 1949-75 …
2. The Navajo, 1900-34, 1960's
    F. The Havasupai, The Immovable Becomes the Irresistible, 1881-1975

V. Resolution, But Incomplete, 1972-5

    A. Clashing Visions
       1. Anti-dam
2. Old Business
3. GC Entire: Mainstem, Side Canyons, Plateaus

    B. Legislation
1. Attempt at Common Effort
2. Senate; Saving the Kanab
3. House; the Best Result
4. Conference & Signature; Back to Square 14

    C. Results
1. Havasupai Repatriation
2. GCNP enlarged (net)
a. Length: Yes
b. Width: No
c. NPS Vision: Fragments Dissolved; Still Centralized
d. Hunters & Friends
e. Grazing; a Setting Sun
f. Goldwater Animosity
3. Studies
a. GCNM into Park, and Confirmed
b. Northern Lands: Worth Confirmed; Status Unchanged
c. Wilderness: Confirmed, then Insulted
VI. Evolution is a Continuing Process
    A. Kanab Creek 
1. Wilderness
2. Uranium
   B. Grand Canyon - Parashant, National Monument (the fourth)
1. Too Much
2. Coming Home
   C. Ambiguities, Misunderstandings, Fixes, & Errors;
No Smoke-Filled Room; Just Expertise, Please
   D. The Vision Renewing

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