Thursday, December 12, 2013

PL93-620 U1-1. Apr-Jul 74: Membership of House Interior Committee

Over May, June & July 1974, the Representatives listed below would be the focus of lobbying, particularly by Canyon advocates, Havasupai & allies, dam lovers, and hunters.

Interior and Insular Affairs Committee*
House of Representatives, 93rd Congress 1973-5

Dem: 21       
Haley   FL Chmn
Taylor  NC    Chmn, Parks Subc.
Udall    AZ
Foley   WA
Meeds WA
Burton CA
Seiberling OH
Owens UT
Kastenmeier  WI
Johnson CA
Kazen TX
Runnels NM
Bingham NY
Vigorito PA
Mink HA
Burke CA
Roncalio WY
Melcher MONT
Stephens GA
Jones ?

Rep. 18
Steiger AZ
Skubitz KA
Steelman TX
Dellenback OR
Ruppe MICH
Sebelius KA
Hosmer CA
Lujan NM
Towell NV
Martin NC
Ketchum CA
Symms ID
Bauman MD
Cronin MA
Young ALAS
Regula OH
Clausen CA
Camp OK
non-voting 2
(Won Pat)
(de Lugo)

*Source: From my journal, supplemented by Wikipedia article on the 93rd Congress for some party affiliations and states.

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