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Are We Done Yet?
Maps of humanity’s response to the Grand Canyon

Generally chronological, but some back and forth -- How contemporaneous can maps be made in order to show all concurrent activity?
Must start with a base map, a topographically expressive one that can be used as foundation for showing changes. ?Has to relate to township & range, long & lat.?
Use maps contemporaneous to events where possible.
How much text; this is not a written history

BCE distribution of migrations, hunting & gathering, settlements/farming.
Pre- and early-historical locations of the Hualapai, Havasupai, Hopi, Navajo (arrival and expansion), Paiute (use areas, then exclusions).
The explorers, mappers.
Entry and extension of the railroad (Atlantic&Pacific to Santa Fe RR).
Prospecting, claims, mines.
U.S. Army.
Cattle driving and livestock herding.
LDS settling, grazing, farming, logging. Homesteading.
Locations for visitors/tourists.

Railroad grants.
The Reservations: Hualapai, Havasupai, Navajo, Paiute.
Park proposals: 1880's to 1890's forest reserve
Forest Reserves, National Forests.
Grand Canon Forest Reserve.
western Dixie N.F.
Havasupai Reservation: puzzlement, promises & proposals.

Proposals through 1907.
The first Monument 1908.
Toward a Park law 1908-19.
Impact of provisions.
Havasupai at G C Village.

The Kaibab, plateau and Forest; deer.
President's Forest idea.
Park boundary changes in late 1920's.
Western Navajo boundary, esp. from Park.
1934 boundary Act.
Havasupai 1920's, Forest Service.
National Forest changes.

Monument 2.
Area withdrawal; proposals (Dixie)
Exploration, investigation, Hoover proclamation.
Whittling it down; FDRF reduction.
Contested area remaining.
Visitation sites; development.

Hualapai lands; case against SFRR.
Economic activity: grazing, logging, prospecting, recreation

Withdrawals & exclusions
Early applications and site selections
State effort
Bridge Canyon project

Serious about dams
Priority of Hoover
1940-50's Reclamation surveys
Park invasion; Monument exclusion; FPC
Megalomania: Glen, Marble-Kanab, Bridge, Hoover.

1940's addition
Crow proposal
Later proposals, to 1970's.

NPS: Park bdy-adjustment period, 1940-50's
Western: NRA's
Assessment of country
LMNRA to 1964 Act

Park v. dams
A complete Park
Anti-dam and anti-Park proposals
Marble Canyon--Monument 3
NPS working on Park bdy, 1968-72
Navajo rim; boundary
Havasupai effort.

Park-Reservation legislation
How it evolved, 1972-5
New Park boundary explained
Navajo rim
Hualapai shore
New Havasupai boundary explained
Beaver Falls occupation

Rim visitation.
River traffic.
Airplane activity
military; civilian
Hiking traffic

Post 1975 Act studies
Kanab plateau Park-worthy
North Side Park additions
Kanab Creek Wilderness
Grand Canyon Wilderness
Havasupai Land Use Plan

Uranium Prospecting & Mines
Recent activity and opposition

Babbitt Initiative, 1998-2000
complete the Canyon drainage protection
Wildlife groups/Trust doubling to add Lake Mead drainage
G C Parashant: Monument 4

Recognizing a World Icon: Cartography celebrates topography
Rectify National Park boundary
Separate out: Grand Wash Cliffs Wildlife monument
Add appropriate G C drainage in G C Parashant to Park
Arizona Strip Regional Historical and Natural Area
G C hinterland and approaches
Joint administration; appropriate sites identified
Kanab Wilderness re-identified relationship as part of G C
Designation of World Heritage Grand Canyon Icon Site Complete
Interactive; transcends boundaries
Recognition, Protection, Presentation, Enjoyment, Visitation,
Education, Inspiration.

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