Sunday, September 26, 2010

GCNP River boundary 26: corrections

After reviewing the Park boundaries, I found I needed to fix 6 of my TIF river boundary maps to thicken the Park boundary (I used my brush stroke red2 at size 20) where necessary and make certain corrections.
Here is a list of the maps affected (The N & S indicate which half of the prinitable JPG version the correction would be on when the printables are redone, if ever.):
34-35 N vtsw: thicken  (36113a2)
35-37N wpse; thicken  (36113a3)
41-42N trav: add NP line on Shivwits  (35113g4)
45-47N dvls: thicken (Twin pt)   (35113h6)
49-50N cmbf: remove incorrect NP line up in corner  (36113a8)
50- S snpw: NP line was wrong; had to be moved to 2 miles north, then east.  (36113b8)

I also went into the JPEG list of half maps set up for printing and deleted the uncorrected ones. Replace only if necessary, since that require tilting and cropping the TIF maps.
I also removed all working copies of the tif group, so there is only one full correct set on my computer (and backed up, too)

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