Monday, March 1, 2010

GCNP river boundary 17; river boundary

Starting at upstream junction with Hualapai land boundary, I am putting in a ------ + ------ + boundary along the river shore/edge to show the National Park Boundary. This uses the black pencil plus a + defined as a brush stroke. Also cleaning out any references to LMNRA boundary on Hualapai lands. Playing games with removing color caused by stippling. Really tricky when it runs across green. Leaves a residue, but not worth a complete clean-out. Selection brush A with enhance-> adjust color -> replace color is ok, but there should be a way to match the new color, so I may be missing something. 
File size goes from about 40 to 140 mb when shifting from indexed to RGB. 
Also figured out that river guide and quads are same size, a mile to about 2-5/8". This is about 42% file size in PSE, so use 50%. 
I will end up with a pretty good set of "boundary quads" from mile 164 down. Also put in a land boundary on Columbine and Snap Canyon, showing turkey wattle, and up toward Snap point. Shows pretty clearly that there should be an adjustment when western Canyon section is added to GCNP.
Backed up versions before adding boundary, so I have set that is like those I sent Duwain last week. Noticed that I forgot to remove crosses on Gateway. 

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