Sunday, March 7, 2010

GCNP river boundary 21; last 40 miles

The placing of the GCNP/Hualapai boundary is finished.
Comparing between the quads and the Google photos, there seem very few ambiguous places: @ mile 259.5, there is a rapid and a bend. Did the rapid push the river to the south, cutting off the beach, or did the bend allow deposition even before the reservoir silt?   
260.3 has a map sand bar/beach with tip sheared off on the Google photo, but still present on the terrain/map.
261.3, photo shows sand bar that is island, but covered by blue on maps.

In all cases, followed how map depicts old river edge, leaving all south shore, even if perhaps the result of reservoir silt deposition, in Reservation. 

Got rid of outmoded LMNRA references. Used the lasso to outline boundary stippling in order to replace color (red & pink & black) with background. Then some repair. Neat trick using [ and ] to change brush/pencil size. Worst problem is that some of the stippling is the same color as the contours. A different problem was the use of black in the water on some maps, so the boundary is not as clear. Also, I do not fully understand how the mode and the brush style interact. Dont understand how to get replacement color to match; using hue and lightness not enough.

Need to check river appearance again with boundary. Some maps need GCNP labelling. 

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