Friday, March 5, 2010

GCNP river boundary 18; reservoir boundary

I have continued on downriver, putting in the ------- + ------- + boundary on the south shore, and also removing references to LMNRA --stippling, labels--, and other clutter. I found one error: at Granite Park, after I removed the stippling on river left, I put sand over the left channel around the island; corrected to show water, since that is the boundary.  I am now down to the Separation quad, where the reservoir high water line begins to show below Bridge Canyon.
  The problem is that both the old river south shore and the maximum reservoir edge are depicted. As we go downstream, the quads show the area between these lines in a lighter blue.
And at times, there has been water there; at other times, like now, the water is back in a moving river channel, approximating the old line. However, silt & vegetation have certainly been added. So how to show the "wet-foot/dry-foot" boundary?
1. Along the old river edge. Most approximately appropriate (in miles and years) as an indication of Park jurisdiction. Doesnt imply any taking of Hualapai land.
2. Where the reservoir maximum visibly obviously departs from the old river edge. A boundary drawn along the reservoir line would be mostly wrong, particularly for the near drought-influenced future.
3. Split the difference? 
Two ------ + ------ + lines? 
A scattering or stippling over the intermediate area, now light blue? A combination of brown, green and blue? Would be simpler with just one color, say green, scattered over the blue?
4. In any case, there is a greater need to add text to say "Park boundary on south shore" or "Park boundary at water edge".

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