Friday, February 19, 2010

GCNP river boundary 12: Whitmore Point SE, Vulcans Throne SW, Whitmore Rapids

The challenge was to remove the incorrect land boundary running east from Parashant Canyon.   I used the magic eraser to take out the black lines. Need to get star in right place. It also lightened the dark brown, which was ok since it was not the contour.
Then (after reading the manual and trying a few things),  I used Selection Brush A to select  the whole boundary, and went through a series of Enhance->adjust color->replace color to choose the red and pink, setting the replacement color to be background. Nice tool, it shows what is going to happen before you ok it. A layer that I thought I needed earlier got in the way, but after deleting it, fine. Had to repair a line using click, then shift+click. Finally, repaired dark brown contours, However, the stippling has light brown in it and in-between contours are a mess. End result is acceptable at the guide magnification, though further clean-up would be good. Fortunately, only this quad is affected because the ones to its east are either missing the boundary or correct. Odd.

Almost the shortest piece of river, VT went very quickly, although again, the switch in mode was necessary to have the defined brush work. I dont know how to lay down multiple color in one pass, so have to go over with dark water and light water. As on some others quads, there is black here too. Idiosyncratic USGS. Perhaps their cartographers were all prima donnas, never deigning to use each other's choices. 

Whitmore Rapids was also fairly short, but with pink stippling to be removed, along with labels for park & res & indefinite, ctr line, etc. Magic eraser for letters, pencil for removal, and then once again trouble with adding water due to interaction of mode & whatever. Something I dont get. 
M. eraser only works in Indexed color, as does adding defined brush stroke. But then convert to RGB at end. 

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