Saturday, February 20, 2010

GCNP river boundary 13: Fern Glen Canyon

Goal today was to prepare the map at the upstream start of the Hualapai Reservation to see what looks good for the Park boundary. It is a small piece of river, with the boundary correctly drawn on the south shore. 
So I had only to remove the center line& boundary labels, and then repair the river and shore.
I then played around with some representations to show the Park & its boundary. To emphasize the boundary, I tried + style crosses, using lasso and paste from selection. Worked pretty well. Was not able to get the pattern to work, but in any case, I think placing the crosses, a slightly delicate and tedious job (110 miles, about 9 crosses/mile), does bring out the boundary better.
Also tried to make Text tool work. Hard to identify typefaces, so just chose the simple verdana.
It is a fairly cranky tool for me so far if I tried to place or move text different from start. Used custom rotate to put label along river shore. Also worked GCNP label up above rim.
Layers for text were useful, since I threw out one attempt.
Sent samples to publishers.

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