Tuesday, February 9, 2010

GCNP river boundary 3

Bat Cave and Devils Slide Rapid. More removing the center line and references to the old boundaries. Labels from LMNRA still remain a problem to be solved.
  Used lasso copy and paste-into-selection, but discovered that I can move the lassoed area after copying, over the river part that needs fixing and then paste. Then when there is a similar area near it, I can reselect, and move it again to paste over another area. However, the river changes direction enough that this is not simple repetition. And of course, rapids have to be done with rapids or they get a nice smooth tongue, or look more chaotic than they are.
  Spencer Canyon is very strange. Whoever cartographed it in the USGS covered the river with pock marks, making it look darker. Then the river is narrow here, and the lines of the river and the reservoir are both put in, all of which gives the appearance of their being political boundaries. As a test, I am going to include the part of the quad I worked on in this post:

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