Friday, February 12, 2010

GCNP river boundary 6

Comfortable enough with magic eraser, eyedropper and pencil to remove all unneeded words as in LMNRA, then repair the contours, etc. 
Tried to match fonts, but the closest I came was Didot, and it had squared-off serif feet, instead of rounded. Also, size is a tad off. Had to keep committed the type layer, which apparently prevents the eraser from working on text ??

Anyway, all maps down to Diamond Peak have been cleaned of junk, and are ready to have the GCNP boundary added.

Working on Diamond Peak, ran into queer stuff. The tool symbols changed, e.g., eyedropper is a square. Also using lasso now is difficult, it keeps dropping pixels when I do a copy  & paste into selection. And the change size/orientation has never really worked; it goes back to the previous shape when I try to paste it. Finally, gave up on that for a while. There must be some settings I dont understand yet. 

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