Saturday, February 13, 2010

GCNP river boundary 7; granite park

Multiple challenges posed by stippling up right side of river. Also, county divider boundary is too heavy in river.
Also, the words "national park boundary" are left over (on river right) from pre-1975 mapping and need to come out. 
Removal of stippling affects county divider, then river right half, then (in places) river boundary, shore background, and contour line(s). Would be cleanest if all were removed. Has to be done in right order: river edge and contours have to cleaned off and then immediately fixed to maintain accuracy. Center line can be put in as final step.

Created color swatches for background, black line, dark and light brown for contours and dark and light blue for water.

Use brush (B) with background color to clean out stippling.
Or/then select circle of water, and go to edit to define a brush (of random water pixels). Then E light blue, B and choose brush -- it is last one, called river-water. This can be used to remove and add at the same time in the river. Dont go over it a lot.

Use pencil (N) after appropriate E to repair water edge and contours and center line.

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