Tuesday, February 9, 2010

GCNP river boundary 4; Separation

Frustration comes with sophistication. Working with transform selection, so far it is erratic when combined with the lasso. 
Separation Canyon is the most difficult so far, just in trying to remove the center line and "indian reservation boundary". The orientation keeps changing, which should be a set-up for transforming, but it is not yet reliable for me. And the words are in the river and on the shore, making removing them more complex, and the same job as with the LMNRA letters. Other tools are needed.
Kept on with lasso to finish.
Then to remove words, used lasso where in river or easy contour lines.
Tried erasing in differents ways. Finally learned that to get rid of checkerboard background, had to change transparency to No in Preferences.
Also opacity has to be at maximum to get clean erase.
Even so, stray pixels left behind.
Worked out how to use eraser, followed by brush to restore space, contours and rivershore.
Went on to big lettering of LMNRA, some easy, some very convoluted contours. Erase less useful at times than brushing letter out with ground color. Only took out letters that appear on guide maps.
Control over fine movements of trackpad not what it should be still; not a continuous flow. 
Can I get Separation in here?

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